This is Honest Tea’s debut “origins” story.
Partial footage from Korakundah, India, where the tea leaves grow in organic tea gardens.

Original concept by Michael Kravit 2013, script adapted to 30 seconds by Mu//en.


Competitive or stronger results than other Snapple or Lipton ads. In fact our ad was in the top 6 of ALL Coffee & Tea ads that ran on TV in the past 6 months.

· Strength in performance with: Females, 21-49.
· Very interesting to see strong performance with: Asian-americans, African-americans, and Hispanics.
Stronger performance for those with children — makes sense given what we know about having kids as a trigger for reassessing what you eat/drink and bring into your household.
· Word Cloud from the Verbatims: “Tea”, “Honest”, “Natural”